Submitted by jonny meerkat (baltimore, MD) on 01.18.15

So when I was 17 I went and hung out with some good friends of mine.We were drinking booze and eating beef jerky.My buddy decided it was a great idea to put citric magnesium in my booze where he got it from I have no clue.Then decided to drive me back to my parents house as slow as he possibly could.Oh did I mention there was a girl I had a crush on in the car with us.But anyway when I got out of that Kia I shit down my leg all the way from the street to the front door to the bathroom inside my parents house leaving a shit trail like no other and on this night my mom decided to have company over.More like a whole family of people to witness this debacle.Needless to say I freaked out and ended up in the psych ward that evening thinking I had a brain tumor because I shit myself.

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