Submitted by Oopsididitagain (Elyria, OH) on 06.15.15

I just broke up with my boyfriend and needed to drink myself stupid. I gathered up a couple friends and hit the club. 7 drinks and 4 shots after... It was time to call it a night. We hailed a cab and told the cabbie to drive reeaal sssllow and I needed the window open to have the coolness cooling me off. *fart. Giggle. "I farted" "oh! I farted again". Giggle. We finally got to the hotel and I needed a toilet RIGHT NOW! Friends couldn't open the door fast enough before I puked all over the toilet. The floor. The wall. Amazing friends as they are started to clean up the throw up and as I sorta stood there watching I asked " do you smell shit?" "No, we only smell puke" "I'm pretty sure I smell shit guys" reached around and sure enough... I had a load in my pants. The force of my throw up forced another end to let go. Hahahah!!

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