Submitted by Shameboy (Sandton, Some State) on 06.22.15

My days of excessive drinking have officially ended!!! This passed weekend i was invited to a friends house with my brother for pre-drinks that eventually ended up being a crazy night out down town. We arrived at 5:30pm fully stocked with enough liquor to last an entire weekend and being the wildest of the bunch was alive with enthusiasm and the will to tackle any drink that came my way. Six beers down and my mates already knew i was well on my way to a ridiculous series of events. Funny enough i lasted the entire night out without a single problem. When we arrived back home in the early hours of the morning i noticed a significant amount of liquor in the fridge and decide to keep at it till i couldn't drink anymore. four more beers down and i could feel an upset stomach mixing and churning but thought nothing of it. About 20 minutes later things began to go horribly wrong and couldn't resist the urge to head towards the bathroom. I'm in the guest bathroom about to crouch and notice an absence of loo paper so i head to the main bathroom to look for a fresh roll. i get to the main bathroom and notice a second time, still no loo paper! I decide that taking a douche in the main bathroom would be a little rude so my only option was to head back to the guest bathroom.i gave in to the waling of my stomach and just sat on the toilet and listened to the daft music of my belly grumble as i took a dump. Your probably wondering what happened to shitting yourself? Well i was so drunk that i took a dump without wiping or flushing stood up for a moment to put my pants back on walked a few paces shat my pants and passed out face first on the couch. I woke up to laughter and disgust as my mates looked at me in shame i couldn't even speak as i walked in shame to the shower to clean myself up. I showered for 2hrs straight clouded in shame and will probably never drink like a tool ever again.

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