Submitted by AmIDying (Tampa, FL) on 07.03.15

When I'm on my period I sometimes have gas..so when I farted 6 times in 3 minutes I didn't think much of it. Then I had this strong urge to shit so I got excited and started unplugging my phone and getting the necessary items that I need to take a shit. I started farting more but it wasn't air...it was kind of hot. In my mind I was like holy shit I really have to shit lol, that's crazy. As I'm running to the bathroom farting I start panicking. I pulled down my pants to see wtf was going on and there's a bunch of liquid shit just chilling on my liner. (Luckily it didn't get on my underwear or pants...although I'll probably burn them anyway) I just sat on the toilet shitting and stared at the wall thinking...why did I just shit my self? So yea...I'm confused and I needed to vent. Lmaooo. My life is a shitty mess.

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