Submitted by PoopMan (Jurrasic World, Some State) on 08.08.15

I was at home, had a massive urge to shit but I had peed 2 minutes ago and when you dont pee and poop, your butthole hurts. Anyway, I had to poop so I went and unloaded the biggest fucking dump I've ever had. Thick mother fucking diarrhoea. Nearly fainted. Next thing I know, after insane butthurt action where the poop would stuck in the butthair, I was done. Or that's what I thought. Wipes, nothing. Wipes again, nothing. Pulls up pants, and guess what. Oh yes. Another. mother fucking iceberg of poop, warm, sticky, and soft, is smashed up my ass and between the fucking buttcheeks. Mom's upstairs telling me the typical phrase "food's ready". Shower immediately sais the brain. So that's what I do, I take a shower. Yet even when I am done I can feel some pieces of poop right now talking to you. I gave the finger to my mom and I ate 30 minutes later. Fuck this poop shit. Fuck this asscheeks shit. Fuck this shit in general. Fucking dammit.
Poopman is out.

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