Submitted by poopies (Singapore, Some State) on 08.08.15

well I am on the singapore MRT with my boyfriend, i had flown to malaysia to see him and we as hes in a border area decide to stay in singapore. I had an egg sandwich the day before and my stomach (I already have mild IBS and stomach issues anyway)
was not good.

So i am sat on the MRT we are both on the way back to the border control to go back into malaysia. and i felt no need to poop i decide to let out a cheeky fart, only i felt liquid squirt out from my butt. I turn around to my boyfriend and look him in the eyes...

'ive just shit myself'

And near enough distraught try to find a toilet. I go commando in my shorts but we had spare pairs in my bag as we had stayed at his aunts. We run up an escalator but find nothing him standing behind me as i am panicking that a shit stain is visible, we run into a lift and a lady comes in with a push chair in the lift with us, the smell of food poisoning poop was filling the lift, we came out and ran to the nearby mens toilets, thank god we are both guys! We ran into the stall and S/E asia has water bigots by the toilet which made cleaning up relatively easy. Washed my pants at the basin and sealed them into bags.

Got the bus back but honestly, I could feel poop bursting to come out from my ass on the bus, and while waiting in line to get passport stamped at both ends!

We get to his house and i go up to the toilet and unleash a volcano of the most foul and vile smelling shit i ever recall being ejected from my asshole! He wont let me live it down, and his mother found the idea quite hilarious.

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