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I was cleaning the house of a nice old woman (as my job is a maid) and about an hour and a half into doing my job the lady told me she would go grocery shopping in a couple of minutes. I simply nodded and got back to work. After another hour I felt my stomach growling. Then, a terrible stomach ache came in. I new i needed to shit. I didn't know if i should have gone to the ladies restroom or if I should have kept it in, so I told myself i'll try and keep it in for a few more minutes and see what happens. After about 15 more minutes, the pain only grew worse. I put down my broom and started walking to find the nearest restroom in the house, as it was my first time cleaning this ladies house. then, in a matter of a few seconds my stomach exploded. my ass was shaking and I knew I fucked up. I ran up and down stairs trying desperately to find a restroom. I couldln't until I saw a corner in the house. I ran around to find a door which led to one. I ripped of my pants, started to sit down, but it was too late. I Shat all over the fucking floor. It was everywhere. I ran to my broom after wiping my ass and I got straight to cleaning it. That was when I heard the garage door opening. I knew that I would have a matter of seconds. I cleaned that shit up like there was no tomorrow and wiped of the floor before she could notice. The job was done, and I was proud.

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