Submitted by Jessica (Some City, WA) on 08.16.15

Went camping with my boyfriend and a few other people. We drank and smoked a lot of pot. Had a great time and everything was fine until morning. We woke up in our 2 -person sleeping bag. My boyfriend is poking me with morning wood and I am hung over as fuck. A wave of nausea hits me and I have to quickly get out of the tent to go puke. As I am throwing some shoes on I dry-heave and that's when shit goes down. The dry-heave causes me to lose control. I feel warmth down the back of my legs. I am outside the tent now trying to waddle away to the bushes. As I am duck-walking with shit running down the inside of my pants I start vomiting from the hangover. The force of vomiting causes me to keep shitting. I am spewing from both ends in the woods as my boyfriend and other friends are all sleeping in the tents. I peel the pants off and succeed in smearing everything around. Butt naked and covered in shit I am standing in the bushes with no idea of what I am supposed to do. I whimper and call my boyfriend. He crawls out and comes to see what the problem is. He looks at me and shakes his head...."Again, Jessica?" Yes this has actually happened twice. He cleaned me up and hid the evidence. I don't drink anymore.

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