Submitted by mrploppy (shitsville, AK) on 09.18.15

I was on a bus and bam, out it flew. The embarrassment was unbelievable as the poop left my bottom and rolled down the back of my thigh. The stench was pure evil, and as I gagged the lady of the cloth next to me told me what a possessed person I was. I was totally bamboozled when she told me the devil had just climbed out of my butt cheeks and vomited toxic slurry onto the floor of the bus. I quickly apologised said 3 Hail Mary's and vacated the bus, to roars of f*** off you stinky twat, lead by Sister Mary. I ran to the nearest convenience to burn my underwear and scrub my poo invested bum. I moulded a new pair of underpants out of slightly dampened toilet roll, which I must say were the most comfy under garments I have ever worn. The moral of this story is now I am going into business designing these above mentioned man naps, which I have been assured are a winner. I hope my story is an inspiration to others that not every story has a shitty ending.

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