Submitted by Meg (South Africa, Some State) on 02.26.16

Part I
I was laying on my stomach in bed and suddenly had to go poop and pee. I was wearing cotton panties and pajama shorts pulled up snug around my waist. I thought since I was alone upstairs and the large comforter would mask the smell, I would just go right there laying down. The mattress had a plastic sheet on it so I knew it would be fine. Laying firmly on my stomach, I hugged my pillow almost falling asleep, closed my eyes and spread my legs real wide. I adjusted my tight thick panties over my bum and crotch. I lifted my pelvis about an inch off the bed and as I did, a high pitched 'weeeeeeeeeee' began hissing softly under the covers as I felt peepee trickle up off my clit, spraying and flooding my panties all the way up to my stomach. It was a really strong pee as I smelt it even as I buried my face deep in my pillow. I continued relieving myself, pressing my bum and clit down and peed harder into the mattress, the wee sound getting softer and a puddle growing under the covers. I still really had to go but was also so tired almost falling asleep. I tried getting comfortable to go number 2 so I moved up on my knees then back down again. as I did, un absorbed pee-pee splashed and trickled puddling up in my bum crack inside my underwear. It felt really warm and I got a really strong whiff of piss as I pulled the covers further up over my back, snuggling and closing my eyes like nothing even happened.

I felt the strong urge to poop now so I began humping down slightly and spread my legs wider. Still laying on my stomach hugging my pillow, I held it in... but felt pain in my intestines so I just began to go right there. I squirted more pee and farted as I pushed and grunted. I spread my legs all the way and began smelling a hint of poo under the covers. It was going to be a big load, I could feel it coming down...
Mmmpphh... I closed my eyes tight and raised my bum a little off, feeling my wet panties stick to my clit. As poop started poking out I pressed my hips down into the mattress and went more wee as I felt a big poop start pressing up crackling slowly in my panties. It started to fall down into my crotch lips as I continued pushing down hard and going. I was alone upstairs for the weekend so I knew nobody would see or smell.
mpphh.. I grunted in my pillow as more poop forced its way down onto my crotch from the gravity of my bum being slightly cocked up. I kept going poop and relaxed for a minute in the cozy quiet bed, almost dosing off, pulling in my legs together. As I did this, the doodie cracked as it forced and mounded up around and under my ass. I felt the heavy load between my crotch and butt as I nestled and got comfortable under the covers. I started going soft poo over the bulge so I turned over and laid on my back, lifting up my pelvis to push the rest out half asleep. It was difficult as my underwear had no more room and my shorts hugged really tight around my soft packed poop and wet slippery bulging pussy.
Feeling horny from going poop I pulled down my undies and spraid pee-pee up into the covers, the quiet 'weeeeeeeee' sound echoed under the cover as the thin stream of pee sprayed up onto the white comforter then splashed down onto my already soaked stomach, drribling down under my load of poop. It caused another small puddle under my bum on the mattress. The strong smell of pee and poo wafted as I lowered my hips back down, crushing the huge mound of poop under my butt and smashing some poop up the slit of my vagina in my stretched underwear, forming a bulge up in front as well. I fell back asleep instantly, never even getting up from my bed until the morning.
When I woke up I cleaned up, opened the window and sprayed lysol in the air like nothing even happened. As I was brushing my teeth with the running water, to save water I cocked my hips forward over the sink and went morning wee-wee standing up, pulling back the hood of my clitoris to feel the piss whisk from my clit down the sink drain in a yellow bubbling puddle as I finished brushing. I quickly turned the sink off wiped and got ready. I didn't even use the toilet for days, but thought nobody would care or notice.

Part II
About 2 weeks or so later I had stolen a thin pull-up diaper from planned parenthood and wore it out under my skinny jeans. I walked around the mall shopping for clothes and while I was looking in GAP, I started going spurts of peepee. I was looking in the mirror with a bra placed over my chest pretending to be fitting but I was really leaning somewhat backward looking down at my crotch swelling with piss and crinkling slightly inside my jeans. For some reason I'm guessing by the way the diaper was pressed up on my pussy lip it made my pee stream shoot up sideways in my diaper so I heard a pronounced hiss as I walked by the fitting rooms and felt pee forcing up on the left of my thigh trickling down the front and side as I continued walking. It was so loud that the hiss echoed off the wall I was walking near. I put the bra back on the rack, walking out of the store going weewee. It felt warm and wet as I walked, and I got so turned on that I didn't care anymore if I leaked. I went the rest of my weewee on the lower level standing in line at Starbucks and began to smell piss by the time I ordered but very faint so nobody noticed. My jeans were a little bulged at the crotch by then but it was only something I knew, and while I was in the bathroom stall about to check if I leaked, I grabbed ahold of my bulged crotch over my jeans and felt all the pee-pee going up my clit, butt and waistband of my diaper, but no leak yet. I peed my entire bladder while walking through the mall and felt it sloshing around in the diaper as I walked outside and left with my coffee and bag. As I sat in my car i felt the absorbent crystals crush up around my ass and pussy. There was a small wet line on the front now but it was so small it looked like a piece of hair.
Part III
As I was pumping fuel into my car on my way back from the mall I started to go poop in the same diaper because my stomach ached from the pressure. I pushed really hard and grunted while walking across the gas station lot, crossing paths with someone walking out to go inside and buy a pack of gum. My skinny jeans were really tight over my diaper since the crystals were already expanded with yellow pee-pee, so walkin

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