Submitted by Connor (London, Some State) on 05.28.16

So here I was in Portugal on holiday, I was suffering with gastroenteritis for the first 2 days and on the 3rd day I thought I was better, so I left the hotel room with my family and grandparents (as they came with us) to go to the hotels breakfast bar, we all sat down with our breakfast and as I was eating I really needed to fart! So I tensed a bit and let it rip slowly as to not make a noise, however I felt a sudden warmth in my pants, I tried not to let on so I excused myself quietly and walked to the toilets in reception of this massive and absolutely packed hotel, I got into a toilet cubical dropped my shorts and boxer shorts and realised I had seeped a rather large amount of liquid which had been soaked up by
my boxer shorts and through my shorts, the sudden realisation struck me that I had walked all through a packed restaurant and hotel with a massive brown patch on the back of my arse... What's worse is I couldn't bring myself to walk to the hotel room in such a state! I tried to call my mum, no answer so I gave in and called my sister and had to embarrassingly tell her o shit myself, 10 mins later my grandad through a pair of shorts over the toilet door and I waddled back to the hotel room and spent the day in bed lol

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