Submitted by Rusamitha (Some City, OR) on 05.28.16

Got sick and involuntarily shat myself in public, made a mess in the bathroom, tried my best to clean up.

I was downtown with my dad and started to feel nauseous and my stomach hurt. I just thought I was starting my period, but I started to feel dizzy, my vision got bright/blurry, and my hearing got quiet. I could feel myself shitting a little, so I got my dad to lead me to a bathroom. I could feel some running down my leg, and I'm really glad I was wearing loose-fitting pants.

When I got to the bathroom I wasn't feeling sick anymore. I pulled down my pants to get on the toilet and there was a lot more poop in my panties than I expected. Then it fell on the floor. So now I had to clean up my privates, legs, pants, panties, toilet seat, and floor.

There was no toilet paper. I had to yell for my dad to get some from the men's room. I must have used up almost an entire roll trying to clean up everything. I rinsed off my clothes in the sink, and tried very hard to clean myself and the floor. My dad brought me clean clothes.

Overall a terrible experience. I don't recommend it.

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