Submitted by Dr Sepheroth (UK, Some State) on 05.29.16

Last time I shit myself was today, but my best Oops I Shit MYself story, takes place in High School, I had just started at a new school, and the tradition there was to introduce yourself to all the other kids in front of everyone during assembly on stage.

So being disabled I have to wear diapers 24/7 but that particular morning my belly didn't feel right and I had already had 2 messy diapers that morning.
Well as I am escorted up on to the stage to introduce myself, I start feeling somethings not right, I get up on stage and before I can say anything I fill my diaper with the runs to the point of a major blow out, all I could do was stand their and look up at the ceiling as it dripped down my legs in front of everyone. My nick name at high school was baby shart ever since that day.

I was escorted off the stage by the school nurse in front of every one and taken to be changed, eventually I was sent home for the rest of the week because I was not feeling well, but at that age I did not comprehend the difference between feeling well and not feeling well so I was unable to communicate it back then.

But that is Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified with traits of Asperger's Syndrome , Epilepsy and Intellectual disability for you.

As for as Intellectual disability goes, I only learnt how to divide this january, and I still have difficulty with division, I learn how to read a clock in march this year but I still have no concept of time. I am 28

A Life of diaper changes and screw ups, A lot of things I do not understand, like why the road is multi colored in some places or like why they call it a pavment in some places and an all in other places, or why the sky is multi colored and not justblack like space, and what is space in definition of area relitive to space in definition of space and why people need names and why cant we have hyper links instead of names

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