Submitted by Natalie (Nowhere Land, Some State) on 06.22.16

I've pooped myself quite a few times due to IBS, infact... This poopy story I'm about to tell you happened literally a few weeks ago. Okay, so basically that day I had my daily lunch and breakfast I had a few vegetables as well. My stomach was doing fine so far, so I didn't really worry about pooping. That was the worst decision ever, seriously. I decided to have a walk since summer break was here, the sun was out and overall was a good day so far. I was talking a walk, when all of a sudden, my bowels started to move since I was having a BM. I thought to myself "You gotta be kidding me, why now out of all times? There's no bathrooms in site!" The urge to poop soon came, and was really urgent. I couldn't take my pants off and poop either, since this was a public place. My stomach literally felt like it was going to explode, my bowels were saying "Either you go poop now, or I'm gonna do it for you!" I tried to hold it in, even though I had a 90% chance of not making it. It eventually happened, and the poop filled up my pants. I felt like I could literally eat an entire pizza! I was hoping no one would notice... The smell wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but you could still definitely smell it. I was hoping since I was hiking, it would blend in a little better. I felt the back of my pants when no one was looking, and it literally felt like a grapefruit was in the back of my pants. I was just hoping it wouldn't show a stain since I was wearing bright pants. Since there was no bathroom in site as I stated before, I would have to wait. I just decided that it was best I changed when I got home. I continued walking, and since it was so solid it didn't fall out of my pants at all. I think a few people looked at me in a strange way as I was walking, it was embarrassing. Luckily I didn't know any of these people though, thank god. I eventually got home, and changed myself up. I looked at the back of my pants, and saw a really huge bulge. I think a few people may have seen it. My underwear was completely ruined, it had a huge brown spot on it and smelled bad. I just dumped the poop out of my underwear and washed up. It felt like an hour. So a thing I learned from this story: Never go for a long walk after eating, you'll most likely poop yourself and get embarrassed. This is evidence that girls actually do poop, lol. Not the most embarrassing thing in the world by far, but still embarrassing.

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