Submitted by Miss stubborn (Midnight train land , TN) on 08.23.16

Just before I got the last train home I went into the shop to buy my milk for the morning. I was standing at there looking at the sugar waffles and as I picked them up I felt a huggggge fart coming. I knew not to let this one out so I politely placed my items on the desk and told the lady I needed to go to the Atm. I could feel it coming! Now I understand the term ''turtle head' ga ha! my only option was to run to the nearest park!!! I didn't even have my handbag!!! I ran to the bush! Pulled down my JUMPSUIT.. and let rip!!! :-( I grabbed the nearest leaf and waddled back to the train station! What a relief! But I can't help thinking people know!!! Oh wow! No more chicken nuggets for me!!

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