Submitted by Iggy (Los Angeles , CA) on 08.23.16

2months agoon June 1st. 2016 I totally took a shit all over myself in my pants which was a yucky and disgusting filling. Before it happened at the time it I was living with my girlfriend now my ex. I was under a a lot of stress emotional, physical, & financial stress. Rent was due I went down to my bank to see if a check of a large amount was deposited into my account to cover our rent and I got the new I just was not ready for. The bank teller told me the check was fake and the money was not deposited into my account. At that moment my stomach got sick lucky I did not live to far from our apartment, by the time I got home before I can even open the door I totally took a shit all over myself in my pant. Since my girlfriend and I now my ex. Told each other everything I told about the check my stomach getting sick and me shitting all over myself in pants. When I called her she said I understand, but I can tell she was mad by the tone of her voice when I told her I shit all over myself in my pants. Even though she said I understand it was an accident that you shit all over yourself in your pants that was the most embarrassing, yucky, and disgusting filling when it happened just wanted to tell my story.

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