Submitted by PrincessPoop (San Diego, CA) on 08.26.16

Okay so pretty much I was hanging out with this guy all day while we worked cos his job is very lowkey. Once he's off we go back to my place. I haven't been feeling well for a few days. Constantly having soft serve shits in the morning but this time, oooooh, this time it was soooo bad. I fell asleep around midnight, wake up only a couple hours later and can feel the bubbles. I rihfuse to let loose while he's literally outside of the room(studio) but my body starts fighting me on it. All of a sudden I just feel a release but still super tense cos I'm trying to hold it in, failed but tried. Next thing I notice are all these diarrhea droplets on the floor, thankfully just passing his shoes and socks. Shit all down my leg. Trying to climb out of my panties like I'm playing operation. Mess. I finished on the toilet. Banging my cabinet around as if I actually had to look for something >_< I blame a good friend of mine for always asking me what I'd do if I shit myself- now I actually have to get plastic surgery, change my name, and leave the country. Who shits themselves standing over their own toilet? Meeeee.

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