Submitted by Old Brownie (Toledo, OH) on 09.06.16

I was enjoying a Northern Michigan vacation but hadn't moved my bowel for four days. I had an extra cup or two of coffee in the morning of my departure and waited a couple hours for the inevitable but it never happened. I headed for home and on a stretch of the interstate with no restrooms or exit ramps the trouble in my fit started. At Houghton Lake I finally was able to exit and pulled into a crowded KFC. When I parked, my grillers slipped and a stream of slimy look filled my shorts. Iwent into the restaurant restroom to find the commode plugged and filled to the brim with crap. Oh well, O dropped my drawers and exploded again all over the toilet and myself before I could get on the crapper
All over my shorts, short and shoes. After I contributed what was left of my load, I pulled up my stained and stinking cloths and walked out of the putrid potty, out a towel on my vehicle seat, say down and drove three hours home in my own filth.

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