Submitted by Josef the Man (San Fransisco, CA) on 11.03.16

Some years ago, I attended the yearly Christmas staff party. Me and my friends made some stupid bets and I managed to win all of them. The prize was 6 large shots of tequila that had to be consumed within 10min, otherwise I needed to pay 100 dollars fine. I drank them within 5 minutes and managed not to throw up, as I have a strong stomach. I was feeling fine the first 10 - 15min, until the alcohol kicked in and off I went!! I could not stand on my feet, became a veggie. My colleagues had to carry me to the nearest sofa. Apparently, in my world, I assumed I was sitting on the toilet. I tried to pull down my pants (was not very successful doing so) and started to shit in front of the WHOLE company!! So there I was, in front of 50 people, pants half way down and full of shit... My friends kindly carried me to the toilet and filled my pants with toilet paper, then called a taxi and took me home. Once I was told the next day what happened, I quit my job... That was also the last time I drank tequila...

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