Submitted by Amazon driver accident (san antonio, TX) on 01.16.17

Today when I finished dropping off my last amazon package I felt the urge to pee really badly. Making it to the nearest gas station wasn't really an option so I found a secluded area and popped a squat. Unfortunately I've been having some gastrointestinal issues today and liquid fire dropped out of me too. I realized quickly enough what was happening and in an effort to not get it on my shoe I fell in it. At this point I know I'm screwed. Not wanting to ruin my underwear I grab the closest thing in my car. My white head wrap and place under my ass and attempt to make it home. All the while the shot keeps coming and leaking on my cloth seats. I have my nethers covered in a blanket I had left in the car and I'm trying to make it home. The smell of the diarrhea causes me to throw up in my car all down the front of my uniform. I'm crying on the phone to my boyfriend begging him to tell work I would return the work device tomorrow and I have an issue that made my uniform unacceptable for work. He refuses and so I have to call and explain to my boss that I vomited all over myself and of course get a million questions about being pregnant. When it's all said and done I waddle up to my apartment throw off my clothes wash them in the sink then throw them in the washer. Get lysol wipes to wipe my car down and plan to use a shampoo er on the seats tomorrow. My day sucked.

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