Submitted by Poopyrunner (NZ, Some State) on 02.16.17

Ok so I had this running event I had to train for where I was running 14km as part of a team relay, but I'd had food poisoning and hadn't done any training all week. I was finally feeling better, so I thought I'd go for a quick training run - just 5km so 2.5km out to this bridge and back. I made it out up the bridge alright, but then I felt this spicy thing in my butthole. I thought it'll be alright I pooped before the run - false alarm. A few seconds later I had to stop, and I knew I was about to shit myself. I was surrounded by path railing and couldn't get down the river bank to let it rip so I just had to let the explosion happen in my pants! And boy did she explode.

Post shit explosion I find a gap in the railing and whip down my pants and squat behind a tree to let out a much grander explosion which hopefully was great fertiliser. I check my shorts and they are FULL of runny poo so I fling them down the bank towards the river and run home as fast as I can in my undies and rain coat!

Thankfully it was raining so there wasn't many people out. I did get a couple of whistles on my way home, that must've been before they looked closer and saw poop seeping out of my undies though.

Woohoo what an awful but hilarious experience!!

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