Submitted by Shameful (Some City, MO) on 06.25.17

I'm standing outside with my bestie smoking a cigarette and I feel the urge to fart. So naturally I let it go but in that same moment comes instant regret!! It made a pop sound and a look of horror crossed my face. My friend was worried and thought that my back or hip popped. I couldn't even say anything I just stood there looking mortified. Until I tell her "biiitch I just shit myself!!!" She is like "Whaaaat!?!!" I was wearing shorts and no underwear, it was dripping down the back of my leg! I reached back and was struck with horror when my fingers had shit on them!!! I showed her and she started laughing hysterically. I had to shimmy up the steps to the house. My 8 year old was on the couch and I told her as soon as I walked in she was like huh? I turned around and showed her, she picked up her phone and started recording me!!! Yup so I immediately took some Imodium and laid down after cleaning myself up. Ughhh kinda wanna die right now.

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